Sunday, April 22, 2007

To New Places...

Well, we have been in Australia for only 3 weeks, and we find ourselves going on another journey - this time for a bit of a holiday. We want to keep writing and posting pictures about our travels and experiences but want to keep this blog exclusively about PNG. So. We have started a new blog of our adventures...continued. Please keep up to date with us and check it out at

There are also some future plans to post more of our photos and PNG experiences here in the future. When we have a bit more time. So for those of you interested in learning more about the amazing place that is Papua New Guinea (and Milne Bay in particular) - stay tuned!


Anonymous Dan said...

you're going? GAH! Didn't get to see you whilst you were in town. :(

3:09 pm  
Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Cam and Jane, love your blog! I'm an Australian medical student planning an elective in Alotau in January. Very excited about it but I'm finding it a bit tricky to find info on where to stay- and came across your blog :) Sounds like the place you guys were staying has had med students before- I'd love to find out more! If you'd like to contact me you can use "wendylem at gmail" Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou!

2:43 pm  
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Blogger DC Collyer said...

PNG Villages in the South Fly region were promised jobs and development in their communities with the influx of mining and logging. I run a blog for Sigabaduru Village just 7 km from the Australian border, I want to help the community and others with a solar power project and medical supplies, can anyone help me? Contact me at or



7:59 pm  

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