Thursday, March 08, 2007

The first of the lasts…

The countdown has started. We now officially have 24 days in PNG, and only 22 of those in lovely little Alotau. Cam and Jane are really starting to feel the pressure of doing everything that a) we haven’t done yet, or b) we want to do one last time.

Obviously, in a place like PNG, there is plenty that we haven’t done. We are coming to terms with the fact that we’d have to come back here on many more trips to do everything we want to. However, there are many places that we have been that we would like to revisit before we leave.

One place you would have seen on this blog before is Waga Waga. Last weekend we went to visit Treetops Lodge again for one last quiet and idyllic retreat. This time we didn’t do any adventure walks, or snorkeling on the shipwreck. We just relaxed, enjoyed the view and soaked up the peaceful surroundings.

This is the place we first visited with Lyn, Stan and Will (the English anthropologist). We told Witch stories at night (very popular in Milne Bay – often considered to be the PNG capital of witchcraft and sorcery), and welcomed Stan back from a traumatic (and smelly) boat trip from Port Moresby.

Next we visited with Alix and Jace when they came to stay. Alix made friends with a fruit bat called Ane, and Jace got busy making kulau cocktails.

Our third visit was with Etox and the Drs. We went on an interesting walk to a nearby waterfall. We quite enjoyed the walk, except for the bit where Jane nearly feel off a mountain. After some time sitting at the waterfall we went back and relaxed some more – except for (hardcore) Scott who decided to get up early the next day and go on another walk.

Last weekend was our last stay, the first of the lasts.

We want to thank Warren for always looking after us; he's always been happy to come and pick up us poor volunteers without a car using his old beast and more importantly he doesn't even mind Cam using the kitchen and occasionally breaking through the floorboards!

If there are any of you who come across this blog researching a trip to Milne Bay or Alotau, we hope that you'll take our recommendation set aside enough time for a few days in the tree tops


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have you home. Its not the last of whiskey and nude swimming.
pet xx

11:13 pm  
Anonymous eddie said...

I think that anonymous last post is from Andy Noonan... who else would enjoy naked swimming with Cam? Although the whiskey makes an excellent point.

Love this posting... not much to say really

Except - I know a couple of things I would do before I left PNG, and most of them end up along the lines of "I got off a shot or two" - yes thats right... hunting...

Also poor Warren. He's probably hoping that one day the Australian Govt will send some single women for him to pick up. The sooner you go, the sooner Wazza gets his stock rotation... sort of like the CBH.

Also, why do neither of you have tans? Isn't PNG in the tropics?
Wazza has a great tan.

11:41 am  
Anonymous Alix said...

Ah, Ane... Jace and I were just talking about that crazy bat (and the crazier barman) the other night... Must be sad to start having your "last times," but I am really glad you're coming home.

3:00 pm  
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