Monday, January 22, 2007

What We Get Up To With No Restaurants

One thing we have been missing A LOT while we’ve been in Alotau is the lack of dining out options. There are a few places, but I’m afraid the variety is somewhat lacking. And we don’t really have access to a car so getting to and from these venues at night is not so easy.

So Cam has spent many a night figuring out how to make our eating habits more interesting. Recently he has focused on the lack of Vietnamese cuisine here – as many of you may know one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney is the local Vietnamese one – and has been exploring the supermarkets for any ingredients that can be used in the making of it.

While watching a show on foods of the world we all found ourselves drooling over Vietnamese Pho, and Cam decided it was time to take the step and try his hand at one of his favourite dishes. And boy are we glad that he did! Leanne, a volunteer from Goroka was here to enjoy it with us, and we had a lovely (almost restaurant-ish) evening.

Big thanks to Cam and his constantly improving culinary skills – but now the pressure is on for more yummy food! Unfortunately this week we’ve had to give him a break due to him experiencing his first dose of malaria. He’s been brought back to health and solid foods by lovely Nurse Jane – although on reflection if he had of thought about it, he could have made another big batch of Pho to sustain himself through the fever.


Anonymous Tori Edwards said...

Hope you're on the mend soon Cam, you're sure to be with Jane's TLC. There has been a dengue outbreak here in Delhi, although as it's the dead of winter and I haven't seen a single mozzie, I'm not sure quite how that happened!
And seeing your photos has me craving Vietnamese food now too!! Can almost taste the yumminess of Cam's cooking.

2:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see the tomato sauce is never far away whatever the cuisine.

8:40 pm  
Anonymous said...

The food looks fnatastic! It almost warants a trip to PNG to discover whether Cam's cooking has really improved... But I think we can all wait!
By the way did you guys have a wadrobe malfunction? Seems the malaria has affected your eyesight in a serious way. I'll send some medicine...

6:58 pm  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Love the Photo's guys!

I am using the underwater ones on my desktop at work!

Also that bowl of Pho looks very Jamie oliver! yummy

4:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here I thought the chicken and couscous tajine we shared while in Alotau was ambitious cooking! You go and make homemade pho. Makes me want to head back into the malaria zone just to experience the food again. Hope you have some of that god-aweful whiskey from Moresby to help during the malaria fevers. (If it's any consolation, Cam, I think at this point I'd take malaria over spinal stenosis.)

Warm wishes and miss you both.

3:17 pm  
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