Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A weekend of farewells...

As mentioned in the last post, this weekend we were preparing for, participating in, and cleaning up after our ‘go pinis’ parties (aka go finish, or farewell). We were lucky enough to have two – one at Jane’s work, and another at our place.

So Saturday saw us marketing, shopping and working. Also, Cam spent some three hours trying to find a pig for our own party the next day. We never imagined it to be such an involved process. 7pm rolled around and we went to Jane’s work where the first party was thrown in our honour. The kai kai (food) was delicious as always (thanks to Vero and the kitchen staff), and a good time was had by all.

The Wanigili Theatre Group (that Jane has been working with over the last 6 months) even put on a few performances – including improvisation and mime.

Then the dancing started. Cam begged out with the excuse of documenting the event, while Jane danced to every song until the music stopped. And woke up with very sore feet the next day.

Sunday morning we resisted the tempation of sleeping in as we had lots of preparation to do for our own party. We started cooking and baking, cleaning, and generally preparing everything. Aries came through with a pig for us (yay! A party just isn’t a party in PNG without a pig in some form), and James, Cam and the kids across the road had great fun in helping to stuff it, put it on the pole and roast it over the fire. We were a little bit concerned that James enjoyed the whole process a little bit too much, perhaps he has been taunted by pigs while working out in the village, look at that smile!

James also performed his standard "ruin a perfectly good go pinis photo with a silly face" routine: look carefully between us.

Serina was amazing, and we’re sure once we got distracted with the guests arriving it was her that kept the party running. Thanks Serina! Apart from the food that we cooked, most people brought a dish with them, so we had plenty of food.

But, it wouldn’t be a PNG party without an excess of food. Everyone stuffed themselves, and was happy.

The drama group performed some more pieces, and there was even a bit of audience participation, most notably from local ‘celebrity’ Habona.

We were given some beautiful gifts from our friends (as pictured) – including some traditional jewellery, and baskets. Also a presentation was made to Jane from her drama group – and a few tears may have been shed.

The tears dried up however when Maxine's son with a great sense of comic timing interrupted what was becoming a rather emotional speach with "Mummy, I need to poo poo”... Jane is still laughing about it

So thanks to everyone who made our last weekend in Alotau so memorable. Thanks to Serina and her family for sticking around to the end – including party clean up duty. We’ve had such an amazing time – it’s going to be tough on Thursday when we say our lasts goodbye and fly away, we don't think a poo joke is going to let us get away easily this time.


Anonymous eddie said...

Quick question... when you get back to Australia, will you continue to write a blog???

It would be nice if you could. I work alone in my office and the only human contact with the outside world is knowing that someone somewhere, like you two are doing something more interesting than me!

7:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gudi tupla! Enjoyed reading the lastest entry! Haa haa you had to mention Kaure!

Remember Otto? (The IT guy who's renting the office space downstairs at EMB? He popped in yesterday arvo and mentioned something about having sighted your blog through a virtual adventure tours site or something? Apparently yours is one of the most frequented blogs in Germany for those wanting more info on travel in Milne Bay. There's more info on travel in the highlands but not much on the coastal areas of PNG.

Chat soon! Happy unpacking!!

Kaioni eo Tinani!

Max & Kaure:) xxxxoo

p.s. Kagutoki Lakilaki for all the wonderful goodies in the bag! Love the shoes,wool,mags,muffin tray etc and Bubu Taubada is totally stoked about the mouth organ!He was fast asleep last night when I discovered it,but was so thrilled he got up and played it half asleep! He said to say Eauwedo to you both.
Umm the stockings....don't think I'll be wearing them but I think I can make something out of them. By the way if you could send me photos of you in the skirt and bilum thongs that'd be great!

Tonnes of love & hugs again....ok I'll go now!!hee hee

11:07 am  
Anonymous Diamante said...

It been really interesting following along it is a shame it has to finish.

8:25 pm  

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