Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another weekend in paradise...

Weekends in Alotau can vary. As we will be leaving the country soon, we are trying to fit in as much as possible into our spare time. Perhaps this last weekend wasn't the most 'average' or normal one, but we feel it's worth writing about.

On Friday night we went to the local pub for Evonne's 'go finish' party (or farewell, for those who haven't picked it up) and danced the night away. We met some new volunteers working at the hospital, and had some nice company and conversation.

On Saturday Cam and Jane went their separate ways. Cam went with Bryan to see the prime minister speak (as one does) at the 'breaking of the ground' for a new business venture. There was lots of dancing and cultural celebrations. There was also plenty of political rhetoric or what in pidgin is called "mauswara" literally words that flow from the mouth like water, in other words politicans promises or more succintly: "bullshit". As Jane had the camera there were no piccys to record the event.

Jane and Maxine went to visit Rose – one of the drama group members. She lives about 20 minutes walk out of town, and has a very cute pig that almost acts like a dog. They went to visit the pig, and learnt how to cook aigarr (sp?) – which involves heating up rocks in a fire and then putting them in banana leaves filled with coconut milk, chicken (not pig, he was too cute!) and veggies.

Jane also taught the girls how to knit – can't even escape from the knitting in a tropical country!

Everyone here seems to be having birthdays at the moment, so Saturday night saw us joining the small Filipino community in town for one of their numbers birthdays. This of course involved dancing and karaoke which kept Jane happy (even Cam had a sing!), and pig on a spit which fascinated all the boys.

Sunday morning saw us piling into a car to see Evonne off (see previous blog entry) – a sad occasion. And to cheer ourselves up we went to breakfast afterwards at one of the hotels in town. We can't believe it took us this long to discover Sunday morning breakfast there – cappuccinos and everything (look at the smile on Cam's face)!

Jane tired herself out playing with Kaure and slept for part of the day, while Cam went for a dive off the shore at the local dive shop. We'll spare you the photos this time

This weekend we have more in store – going to our friend Serina's village for the last time! Only 15 more days in Alotau, and 18 more days in PNG! It's just going so fast!


Anonymous Dan said...

I'll "look at the smile on Cam's face" in another photo. I'm sure there's one where Cam's smiling somewhere... :)

12:46 pm  
Anonymous Tori said...

Give Serina a big hug for me please!! Enjoy your last days in the Bay, and I'll see you when you're safe and sound back in Sydney.

11:48 pm  
Anonymous eddie said...

I went to a party on the weekend which also had a "pig on a spit", however all the boys were given a chance to roast! Audience participation was prime.

I am having a party this weekend; so could you please send Wazza an invitation. His tropical tan, and my solarium tan will work wonders on the ladies!

Oh and since I broke up with my girlfriend, I can now "look and touch"

hehehe ;)

8:31 am  
Anonymous Alix said...

Give my love to Serina too! And her crazy kids!

2:38 pm  
Anonymous Alix said...

And by the way, do you mean agar, as in the jelly? You're telling me Cam doesn't know how to spell this after years in the UNSW Science faculty?

9:30 am  
Blogger Jane & Cam said...

no not agar... so far as I know agar is made with seaweed not with chickenheads, hot rocks and banana leaves... the spelling for the tradional dish's name was Jane's anyhow... :) Cam

12:29 pm  

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