Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Waga Waga PNG style…

So, saying Wagga Wagga to an Australian (specifically a NSWite) will invoke a certain feeling/idea. But in Alotau Waga Waga (I’m sure you have noted the different spelling – no extra letters needed here thank you very much) is not a country town, with all the typical Aussie country town traps and dressings, it is a small village around the bay from Alotau. Indeed we have mentioned it before in one of our weekend posts. And it is fast becoming one of our favourite spots in Milne Bay (from what we’ve seen of the province anyway).

There is a lovely guesthouse there called ‘Treetops’ and it’s backpacker style accommodation with the added extras of not one, but two flushing toilets, a shower (with hot water system to boot), a biggish kitchen, mozzie nets, and a spectacular view.

It has the added benefit of not being expensive, which is always popular with us volunteer lot.

It is better if you have your own car (and even better if that car is a 4WD) to get there – the hill leading up to the guesthouse is rather steep. But if you don’t the guesthouse owner Warren, will pick you up and drop you off. Warren is a lovely man who is very tuned in to what dim dim’s want (e.g. mozzie nets on the beds, mosquito coils on the balcony – one would argue that there would be no guests left if these weren’t provided), and will provide bread and fruit (or meals for extra price) with the accommodation. I think we liked Warren even more when we walked down to his house which is host to a menagerie of animals including dogs, chickens, geese (I thought of you Mum!), a flying fox and a cassowary. Even better my doggy friends didn’t shy away when you went to pat them, and I think they were the first dogs in PNG that I’ve seen actually wag their tails – I think this suggests they are treated with kindness, which is rare here.

Apparently there are several walks that Warren can take visitors on (including one to the ‘Moon Rock’), and we would be interested in exploring these at some point in the future (just not when it’s too hot). The other attraction has something to do with water (how unusual), and we’ve mentioned it before – the wreck of the ‘Muscoota’. So far we’ve only been on one dive there, in conditions that weren’t the best…but even that was a pretty cool dive. The dive is only about 20-25 metres deep, but the ship is pretty big, and there is lots to look at – plenty of soft corals growing on it, and the little fish that like to live in the corals. Cam also became slightly obsessed about the miniature crabs that were hiding in some of the coral.

The good thing about PNG is that even when the water is cool, it’s still not cold, and even when the visibility isn’t good, it’s still a pretty good dive (listen to me – dive expert now!).

And of course here is Cam's obligatory aneomone fish photo

Anyhow I’m sure we’ll have plenty more trips out to Waga Waga – only an hour or so out of town, and so much nice stuff to look at. I’ve now got a new BCD that I need to try out too (thanks to Lyn’s family and Giac)! But keep your eyes peeled for our adventures at Porotona – aka our friend Serina’s village.


Blogger Tori in PNG said...

If Wagga Wagga is 'place of many crows', perhaps dropping the 'g' makes it Waga Waga, 'place of many mozzies?'

5:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at you all diver like! Love those photos - PNG sounds more appealing every day :) Mel Mel xoxo

9:24 am  

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