Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You know you’re a local when…

*You’ve both won, and presented trivia at your local drinking hole
*You are unfazed when you open your dive bag and a cane toad jumps out
*People start saying hello and calling you by name, and you swear you’ve never met them before
*You no longer care about what you wear as everyone seems to wear their clothes a) 25 days in a row and b) until they literally fall off
*You don't get uptight when after waiting all day for a vehicle you find that the vehicle you are relying on to take you back to town is now without not just a wheel but in fact without all structures for attaching that wheel to the car i.e. barings, struts, shock absorbers
*You start getting called Aunty by those younger than you (it’s a term of respect – really)
*You eat your food ants or no, as you know you’ll never get them all out
*Colleagues start approaching you the same time everyday asking if you’d like a tea
*You’ve started your very own fire with refuse from around the house (although we steered away from plastics and stuck to garden rubbish).
*You become used to picking up items in your house (e.g. a banana) and having a gecko jump on you
*Naked children no longer surprise you. (If you are female) You also start getting clucky – in PNG I don’t think they’ve heard of ugly children, or at least I’ve not seen one yet
*You are starting a collection of macro photographs of wierd lookin bugs that you found whilst going about your daily tasks(Yeah thats right for those of you scared of spiders please note that this wasp is not. It has paralyzed it and is layin eggs in it so that they have fresh food for when they hatch cool huh?)

*Using the excuse “I couldn’t come to work because I had no dry clothes” actually seems feasible after the nth day in a row of rainy weather.


Blogger Tori in PNG said...

David Attenborough eat your heart out...

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