Thursday, April 06, 2006

The reassurance of the physical visa

Ok. So it's one thing to know that you are theoretically going overseas. It's entirely more comforting and realistic once the passports and visas arrive in your hot little hands...and that's what happened today. Thank God!

So yes. After a weeks delay in departing the country, as a result of our passports being in transit, it's really nice to know that we will actually get to go this Sunday (it's also interesting to note that both our passports and luggage have been to PNG while we have not). We are still waiting on our airline tickets, but the passports will at least let us out of the country.

Now we actually have to clean up the clothes and various other travel items that have been scattered over the lounge room floor for the last few weeks (here our families breath a huge sigh of relief), get all our shit together and get out of here! We have a what we hope is a years supply of mosquito repellant, suncream and anything else we are not sure we can get in our small, Pacific town for the next year (care packages are always welcome!). But then hopefully the 10 bags/boxes we've already sent over will contain almost anything we could possibly need.

The exciting news is that after our orientation week in Port Moresby, we get some more Orientation in Alotau. Some of this will include visiting some islands in the province, going snorkeling (including in near underwater thermal vents), looking at dormant volcanoes, meeting villagers etc. So very exciting! And the volunteers over there are going to show us around (I'm kind of relying on them for any pigeon-english required). But we'll be sure to post the great pictures that we will get!

Signing off for now. Must get to fitting everything into our bags : /


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your luggage arrived before you?! now there's a change! Good to here that you are not going to rough it too much ... and here I was thinking that you already spoke pigeon?!? Have a grat time

12:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're off!! So sorry I couldn't come to the airport this morning - I was thinking about you though. Have started reading the Buffy book (just) so I will be able to update you on just what she would do in any situation. Feel free to ask any questions! Hope you had a safe trip.
Love Mel Mel

8:17 pm  
Anonymous Lix said...

Yay! You're off! Don't forget to let me know when a good time is to visit.

9:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck you two, look after each other, life is an amazing adventure...a blessing from the production unit

11:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane it's good to see how you are! Jetsetting and everything! Am still teaching drama myself, although I now see that there's life after teaching. Hope you are both doing well.
God Bless,
Kath Breen (nee Rosewarne)

3:19 pm  
Anonymous Tom Hogan said...

HOORJ! Just letting you know I'll read this and keep up-to-date. :D

2:49 am  
Blogger BovineGoddess said...

have a fantastic time!!

all your onetalks back here will miss you loads!!


11:12 am  

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